White Shag Rug

white shag rugWhen you hear the words white shag rug it more that likely reminds you of the good ol days back in the 80′s when these rugs where more popular way to go. Seems like everyone had at least one room in there house with a white shag rug in it. But just because people don’t use them in there house much anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be a great decor idea for your home.

White Shag Rug Looks Good In Any Room

The great thing about a white shag rug is you can put it in any room in the house. Although it seems like the only place you see these rugs are in peoples bathrooms that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them. There is plenty of good ideas to use with white shag rug you just have to use a good taste with a little bit of creativity and you can pull it off.

Another Great place to put white shag rug is at the foot of your bed because there is nothing better than getting out of bed in the morning and placing your feet on a shag rug. Just so happens the rugs they use today happen to be a lot more soft than they used to be made which makes it even easier to love these rugs. And the way they make these rugs now are built a lot better which in turn means they will last a lot longer than brands they made in the 80′s and 90′s.

White shag rug is getting more and more popular and is making a comeback in decor. So when you decide you want to remodel your home or room and you would like to switch up the look a bit. maybe consider a white shag rug it will add a beautiful mix to your newly designed home.